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Your teams undoubtedly face a lot of hurdles in communicating their message clearly and effectively, when it comes to collaboration over audio teleconferences as well as video meetings. The audio clarity leaves a lot to be desired, substantially reducing the effectiveness of understanding by distant location participants. Hiss, echo and low volume of distant speakers are common everyday problems, which cut down on the effectiveness and productivity across your enterprise-wide meetings.

So is there a solution that can remove these problems and offer a perfect audio teleconferencing experience for highly effective and productive enterprise meetings?

Presenting AltraCLARITYTM The world's highest quality audio teleconferencing experience.

Get highest quality audio teleconferencing experience which is truly as intimate and natural as talking face-to-face for two large groups of people.* Exceptionally good audio pickup, irrespective of speaker posture and position. Never before audio clarity achieved over PSTN line with uniform spread of farsite audio for all the participants and extreme ease of usage would help your teams get a superlative audio teleconferencing experience.

Two primary speakers/presenters can also have their speech locally reinforced also, even while moving in the room.

The Advanced Audio Collaboration solution is available in two models - AltraCLARITYTM 50 and 100. AltraCLARITY TM 50 provides ultra audio clarity during audio teleconferences only. AltraCLARITYTM 100, additionally provides stereo audio capability during video teleconferences.** AltraCLARITYTM 50 consists of sizes 50/6, 50/12 and 50/24. AltraCLARITYTM 100 consists of sizes 100/6, 100/12 and 100/24.

The maximum room dimensions for implementation of AltraCLARITYTM sizes 50/6 and 100/6 is 44' x 22', for AltraCLARITYTM sizes 50/12 and 100/12 is 88'x 22' or 44' x 44' and for AltraCLARITYTM sizes 50/24 and 100/24 is 88' x 44'. Both models are available in FX and EX variants. FX variant is for use as stand alone systems, while EX variant is for simultaneous use with any other Business Octane solutions in FX, LX and VX variants.

*The room NC should not exceed 35. Ambient noise should not exceed 40 Decibels in an empty room
Reverberation time should not exceed 0.5 seconds
**Provided the video conferencing codecs support stereo audio for speech

How will AltraCLARITYTM revolutionize your teleconferences?

  • Now get hitherto never experienced audio clarity in all your audio collaborations.
  • Conference calls will no longer be filled with confusion as every spoken word would be crystal clear, without any interruptions.
  • Wideband audio even over ordinary telephone lines with any other Business Octane Immersive Telepresence Collaboration or Distance Training Suite or with any wideband conference phone.
  • Stereo audio makes users much more involved in video teleconferences, helping them to achieve more success.

For the first time, there is no need to speak into a microphone or a speakerphone.


Listeners on the other side would still not know the difference!


Sit anywhere and hear distant speakers as if they are sitting beside you!

It does not matter where you sit as everyone hears the distant speakers in full clarity and vice versa.

How easy is it to use?

Simplicity Exemplified!

  • Dial from the star phone number pad or dial from the star phone address book. It is as simple as that.
  • To speak no need to press any button.
  • Two speakers/presenters can wear necklace/pocket wireless microphones for speech reinforcement on the move in the EX variant.

How can AltraCLARITYTM accelerate collaboration across your enterprise?

1. Identify all conference rooms which are meant for audio teleconferences as well as video meetings, which meet the desired acoustic parameters.

2. Place an order for AltraCLARITYTM, customized for each chosen meeting room across your enterprise depending upon the specific requirements.

After having identified the meeting rooms and a customized AltraCLARITYTM solution for each of the chosen meeting rooms, Business Octane will work closely with your architectural team/ architects/interior contractor to provide expert advice for the required modifications in interiors.

Experience dramatically improved collaboration across your enterprise.

  • What are the biggest challenges that enterprise faces that decrease the effectiveness of their audio collaboration?

  • What are the most fundamental problems faced in scheduling local meeting and audio/video teleconferences which we will address to give you more effective collaboration experience?

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