Enterprise Visual Collaboration Accelerator Solutions

In today's ultra competitive and fast changing business environment, enterprises are constantly endeavoring to identify path breaking solutions that can help them become more nimble and agile because on this depends your organization's ability to outpace the competition.

With one of its kind solutions originating from our in house research and development, Business Octane can help to Implement, Improve and Accelerate Video Collaboration many times over in your organization.

Business Octane has pioneered a whole set of new paradigms of business Interactions over video which are not only 2 to 10 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences for replicating the experience of face to face group reviews but are also amazingly easy to use , highly aesthetic, completely flexible, upgradable and scalable for complete investment protection.

These unprecedented new paradigms of video collaboration could act as a catalyst for your senior management to significantly increase the profitability of your business.

Along with this, Business Octane's EVCAS gives you the highest range of enterprise video collaboration solution engineered for flexibility to meet and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers in any environment―immersive Telepresence conference room, work office, home office, or on-the-go. Wherever you are, wherever you go.

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  • Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred vendor for enterprise wide ultra immersive/Immerisve/Near Immersive video collaboration needs?

  • Why should you choose Business Octane for your video collaboration needs?

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