What are the biggest challenges that enterprise faces that decrease the effectiveness of their audio collaboration?

The quality of audio leaves a lot to be desired, which substantially reduces the effectiveness of understanding distant participants, making your business suffer.

  • Your teams are unable to either communicate their message or get the other teams message effectively
  • Hiss, echo keeps on annoying all participants
  • Echo diminishes speech intelligibility
  • Low volume of distant speakers is a big hurdle in clarity of communication
  • Senior executives normally have a separate meeting table with a conferencing phone for audio con calls. But this means every time they have to leave their desk and move to the conference table for even a two people conference call which is very inconvenient. There is no privacy option in their conference calls also.
  • There is a need of multitude of equipment required in the executive cabin which includes a separate conferencing phone and a separate system for audio in the video conference calls if video teleconferencing facility has been provided. Apart from that there would be a PBX phone and the cell phone.
  • On account of multitude of equipment there are lots of wires everywhere which clutters their room.
  • Additionally senior executives who use their cell phones extensively for communication find it very cumbersome on account of having to keep it in their hand while talking which reduces their multitasking ability.
  • The speaker phone is kept on one side which is not meant for audio teleconferences. Consequently everyone has to strain to hear what is being said.
  • If anyone sitting on visitor chairs speak, their audio is not heard properly on the other side as they are very far away from the speakerphone microphone.
  • End result is development of the communication gaps in the far and near participants.
  • It is not practical to move the phone from the corner and place it in the center of the table.
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